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mushroom sculpture

Fungal Arms

The Fungal Arms series is one of the projects I undertook while on residency at Medalta. Working with similar themes as Detritus, fungus, moss, and liverworts consume human arms, however instead of fantastical fungal species, in Fungal Arms the species are all true to life. Amanita muscaria, Loreleia postii, Agaricus deardorffensis, Cortinarius trivialis, Marchantia polymorpha, and Vibrissea truncorum all make appearances within this body of work, as well as species of moss and lichen. 

Amanita muscaria Arm
Amanita muscaria Arm (2)
Loreleia postii Arm
Detail (water clubs)
Agaricus deardorffensis Arm
Cortinarius trivialis Arm
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